Connected Customer

The intelligent way to connect, retain, and grow relationships and revenues with your existing customers creating the powerful ability to influence customers and optimize business.

  • Understand customer preferences and product success
  • Auto-enrollment and onboarding campaigns
  • Promote your product and increase retention
  • Upselling and cross-selling capabilities

Consumer Products

Fully automated digital platform to host single products, product bundles, and sponsored marketplaces.

  • Create marketplaces
  • Host single or bundled products
  • Full product enrollment
  • Automate payments to partners
  • Integrate Genius Pay processing

Customer Administration

Flexible digital platform to manage any customer or member population. We administer all functions essential to manage your user population.

  • Manage any customer or member population
  • Add your product, benefit, or service offering
  • Full customer engagement and communication
  • Business intelligence dashboard for analysis
  • Manage commissions, vendors, and tax calculations

Stand alone or alongside other Genius value offerings. Genius Payis the ultimate, efficient payments portal for our clients’ e-enrollment and e-payments.

  • e-Enroll and e-Pay
  • Manage single or multiple products
  • Accepts cash or credit
  • Automate scheduled, recurring, or one-time payments
  • Currency exchange coming soon!

Network Management

Combine platforms to create new value propositions, back-end revenue opportunities, and growth to formal and informal networks, increasing influence and outcomes.

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