The genius is in our approach

Anything is possible with the right partner.

We do so much more than just simplify complex enrollment and administration. Genius Avenue helps our consultant partners exceed expectations by providing the capabilities that solve customer acquisition and member management problems.

Take Voluntary Off-Payroll

Voluntary Benefit premium administration creates headaches for you and your clients and can put your business at risk. Genius Avenue’s off-payroll enrollment platform eliminates these issues and allows you to offer the coverages your clients need with total confidence.

Flexible Enrollment and Administration

You don’t need to spend your time issuing documents or administering policies. The Genius Avenue Enrollment and Benefit Administration platform has over 750 features and configuration options that can be customized to fit the needs of any product, group, or member population.

Direct Association Marketing

Automate, consolidate, and streamline enrollment, administration, and member management for your association benefits plans, and craft a better experience for the people who matter most. Our solution offers the flexibility to support any member base, of any size, with any requirements.

US Based Billing and Support

Our billing and customer service teams have deep benefits expertise and are US-based to support every interaction your customers have with their benefits. Our expert customer service team handles everything from billing and collections, to issuing documents and answering questions about coverage.

Complex Reconciliation Mastered

Our platform was designed for insurance and benefits by insurance experts, so complex reconciliation, commissions, and managing multiple downstream payees are all built in and out of the box. We can address the needs of any customer base and any product.

Marketing Support

We don’t succeed unless you succeed, which is why we have assembled a leading digital marketing team to help drive your enrollment and increase renewals for our partners. Our team can drive your marketing strategy, assist in consumer education, or augment current marketing initiatives.

Great Administration means Higher Enrollment and Retention.

We merge advanced enrollment and admin technology with real billing and support experts to create the foundation for a long-term relationship with customers, agents, policyholders, and group members.

Innovation that creates growth


The Genius Avenue platform features a native mobile App for both iOS and Android devices, allowing your members to enroll and manage their benefits and view important policy information anywhere, anytime, right from their phones. 

Genius ID

GeniusID is our SSO (single sign-on) technology that we feature in all our solutions. Consumers can use their Google, Facebook, Microsoft (or any of 28 other account options) to create enrollment accounts quickly and easily and enhanced security keeps our clients and their members.


We utilize a Rest API Design to allow our customer acquisition and management platform to integrate with any complementary software system, TPA, CRM, or CMS. This "universal connection" point allows us to make our platform work with your existing solutions rapidly and efficiently.

Sales Tax

Part of our enhanced reconciliation engine allows us to calculate, collect, and remit sales tax for any number of products and accommodate varying state and regional statutes.

Crypto Currency

Genius Avenue now accepts Crypto Currency and Bitcoin. We make it easy for members to pay the way that works best for them, from credit card to payroll deduct, to ACH, to Crypto.


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Security first Genius Avenue offers best-in-class security certifications.


SOC 1 and SOC 2


PCC DSS Compliant



Genius Avenue can help your clients increase customer lifetime value.

Discover how our team and technology can increase enrollment, expand distribution, and improve retention to revolutionize how customers discover, experience, and adopt products.