The genius is in our approach

Here is how it works:

We can create and host a mobile friendly, enrollment websites that help take your new or existing product to both groups or individuals


Our Marketing team can support discovery, enrollment, and ongoing promotion year-round to drive adoption.


Our billing team manages billing, collections, reconciliation, and remittance.


Our solutions are hyper configurable to provide just the functionality and features you need to take group products to individuals and vice versa.


We manage 100% of the enrollment and administration. Our platform can support any product or benefit, even those with complex rating tables.


We collect, process, and recover payments on your behalf and handle all downstream payees.


Our customer service team supports your customers so your team is free to focus on the next sale.


All these features come together to create a perfect go-to-market strategy for on-payroll or off-payroll insurance and benefit products.


Great Administration means Higher Enrollment and Retention.

We merge advanced enrollment and admin technology with real billing and support experts to create the foundation for a long-term relationship with customers, agents, policyholders, and group members.

Innovation that creates growth


The Genius Avenue platform features a native mobile App for both iOS and Android devices, allowing your members to enroll and manage their benefits and view important policy information anywhere, anytime, right from their phones. 

Genius ID

GeniusID is our SSO (single sign-on) technology that we feature in all our solutions. Consumers can use their Google, Facebook, Microsoft (or any of 28 other account options) to create enrollment accounts quickly and easily and enhanced security keeps our clients and their members.


We utilize a Rest API Design to allow our customer acquisition and management platform to integrate with any complementary software system, TPA, CRM, or CMS. This "universal connection" point allows us to make our platform work with your existing solutions rapidly and efficiently.

Sales Tax

Part of our enhanced reconciliation engine allows us to calculate, collect, and remit sales tax for any number of products and accommodate varying state and regional statutes.

Crypto Currency

Genius Avenue now accepts Crypto Currency and Bitcoin. We make it easy for members to pay the way that works best for them, from credit card to payroll deduct, to ACH, to Crypto.


The best part is that our capabilities also empower our partners to take their products to non-traditional groups like discount providers and associations and there are no seasonal restrictions. Enroll any group, off payroll. Anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Security first Genius Avenue offers best-in-class security certifications.


SOC and SOC 2


PCC DSS Compliant



Anything is possible with the right partner

Discover how our team, technology, and capabilities create turnkey solutions that can prepare any insurance or benefit product for new markets.