Your enrollment and administration provider should be growing your business

Drive Sales, Unlock New Opportunities, and Increase Renewals Without Impacting Your Team or Your Bottomline

Enrollment and administration determine how customers purchase and experience a benefit or insurance product. Customer acquisition and management are too important to trust an out of the box software program or a partner that doesn’t understand your product or needs. Genius Avenue specializes in making enrollment and administration easy, affordable, and effective.

The genius is in our approach

Create great customer experiences throughout the entire customer journey

The enrollment process is the crucial moment where your clients put their trust in you and your products and when you commit to earning that trust in return. That’s why Genius Avenue has designed an enrollment platform that is easy, intuitive, familiar, and built to encourage follow-through and minimize abandonment and our customer management solutions ensure that your relationship with the customer will be long-term.

We provide everything you need to sell your
products and manage your customers

We’ve created a leading payment processing solution to empower members and customers with choice and control. Process any card, ACH, PayPal, or employer/group contribution directly from any device.


Outdated member management can create costly overhead and time-consuming administration. We streamline and optimize everything after the sale so you can focus on the next opportunity and accelerate your business.


A truly streamlined enrollment and member management solution should be able to make managing downstream reconciliation easy. Our system is built to support multiple payees and variable commissions. 


Great experiences are built by real people, which is why you can’t trust your members or customers to an automated solution. We have real customer service and billing representatives assuring your customer’s experience.


A complex off-the-shelf software won’t reduce the burden on your employees. We offer streamlined admin portals that focus on the numbers you need so there is no learning curve, programming, or training needed.


When you’re managing a product with complex reconciliation and multiple payees, transparency is everything. Our system can create customized reports to provide insights into your entire value chain and cash flow.


We don’t succeed unless you succeed, which is why we have assembled a leading digital marketing team to help drive your enrollment and increase renewals for our partners. Our team can drive your marketing strategy or augment current initiatives.


Genius Avenue designs all of our solutions with a mobile-first mindset to help our partners create a truly responsive, modern brand experience on any device, from any location. Stay top of mind on the devices members carry every day.


Discover how a hyper-configurable solution can unlock your product’s full sales potential

Complex administration and heavy interaction requirements are no match for a feature set created in the regulatory environment of the insurance industry. Our solution offers the flexibility to support any member base of any size with any requirements.

750+ features and configuration options and we’re just getting started. Click below to access the full list or contact us to discuss a custom build.

Success Stories

We can help any you bring any group, off-payroll, or direct to consumer product to market and accelerate your sales.

Accelerating Growth for Benefits Experts

A regional broker was expanding their book of business by offering a diverse set of lifestyle and voluntary benefits in addition to their core medical, dental, and vision offerings. Word was spreading fast, and they were enjoying the growth, but all of the enrollment, benefits administration, collections, and payment reconciliation started taking up more and more time and the continuous addition of junior support staff was increasing overhead cutting into profits.

Genius Avenue is helping them reclaim their profit margin and focus on their sales and clients by taking over all member management, enrollment, and administration. Our system replaced their outdated spreadsheet member tracking, and our team of experts has assumed all enrollment, customer service, collections, and reconciliation all for a small per employee, per-month fee. As a bonus, we’ve helped them create mobile-friendly sites for each client that they can use on enrollment day and custom marketing videos to help them promote and explain benefits to policyholders.

Empowering Product Sales for Insurance Providers

A mid-sized insurance carrier was frustrated by its ever-growing technology stack, billing, commission processing, and outsourced customer service expenses. They were dealing with a website admin, a hosting company, an E&A software provider, a billing processor, a rapidly growing billing team, and outsourced customer service agents. 

Genius Avenue worked with them to consolidate all of those systems and outsourcers into one effective partnership and one platform. They have been able to reduce costs and streamline their technology stack without affecting their premium rates. In addition, Genius Avenue helped them create broker portals that allow brokers to have dedicated enrollment links and commission reports. 

Innovation that creates growth


The Genius Avenue platform features a native mobile App for both iOS and Android devices, allowing your members to enroll and manage their benefits and view important policy information anywhere, anytime, right from their phones. 

Genius ID

GeniusID is our SSO (single sign-on) technology that we feature in all our solutions. Consumers can use their Google, Facebook, Microsoft (or any of 28 other account options) to create enrollment accounts quickly and easily and enhanced security keeps our clients and their members.


We utilize a Rest API Design to allow our customer acquisition and management platform to integrate with any complementary software system, TPA, CRM, or CMS. This "universal connection" point allows us to make our platform work with your existing solutions rapidly and efficiently.

Sales Tax

Part of our enhanced reconciliation engine allows us to calculate, collect, and remit sales tax for any number of products and accommodate varying state and regional statutes.

Crypto Currency

Genius Avenue now accepts Crypto Currency and Bitcoin. We make it easy for members to pay the way that works best for them, from credit card to payroll deduct, to ACH, to Crypto.

Streamline administration, accelerate growth, and create great customer experiences

Software alone can’t optimize your member administration, free up resources, unlock new opportunities, or increase revenue. Genius Avenue can create the perfect customer acquisition and management experience your members demand and deserve. Discover how the right partner can make all the difference.


Customer acquisition and management made easy

Security first Genius Avenue offers best-in-class security certifications.


SOC and SOC 2


PCC DSS Compliant