One Platform. One Partner. Amazing Results.

A true software company would use this space to write about our unique software solutions, features, packages, and decimal point enhanced version numbers.

But we don’t sell software, so we’d rather talk about how our partners are leveraging our platform capabilities to increase enrollment, retention, and engagement, while creating a better customer experience.

The Genius is in Our Approach

Optimized Sales, Enrollment, and Administration

Drive sales, ease enrollment and optimize administration while creating a great customer experience, increasing utilization, and improving retention.

Public or Private Marketplaces

Create a marketplace for one product or one hundred. Your storefront can feature products exclusively from a single carrier or provider OR it can include diverse benefits from our product line partners.

Enrollment and Administration

Complex administration and heavy interaction requirements are no match for a feature set created in the regulatory environment of the insurance industry. Our solution offers the flexibility to support any member base of any size with any requirements.

Payment Processing

We’ve created a leading payment processing solution to empower members and customers with choice and control. Process any card, ACH, PayPal, or employer / group contribution directly from any device.

Unlimited Engagement

Group sponsors, brokers, and product providers can leverage the Offers feature to promote other enhanced benefits, special deals, or perks to their end users. Endless options drive conversions and improve retention.

Enrollment and Administration

Our platform solution approach combines advanced software functionality, an integrated payment solution, and real, human support with an unparalleled feature set.

Mobile Marketplace

We enable our partners to go mobile and unlock new revenue streams while improving their customer’s experience.

Versatile Payment Processing

We make offering a best-in-class payment solution and improving your customer’s experience easy, secure, and scalable.

Let’s Co-Create Your Custom Solution.

Your clients and members expect you to offer them innovative, customized products and solutions. So why use an off-the-rack software? Together we can tailor the platform solution your members demand and deserve. Don’t compromise you vision.