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Genius Avenue leverages our proprietary, state of the art digital platform, industry expertise, partner relationships, marketing ability, and business acumen to create great customer experiences, unlock new revenue potential, expand distribution, improve retention, and drive our partners and clients success.

We are a team of fearless business, technology, and service innovators who are passionate about treating our partners’ customers as our own.

We are always looking for dedicated individuals who aren’t afraid to break the status quo.

Please review our job opportunities below.

Guest Writers and Freelance Authors

Genius Avenue is looking for guest authors and freelance writers to contribute to our blog. Authors should understand the insurance and benefits industry, have a passion for technology and process improvement and a desire to help us advance our mission. Guest...

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Talented and Energetic Professionals

Genius Avenue and our parent company 5Lights, LLC are always looking for talented, quality candidates to join our team. New positions are being posted as both companies grow and expand their needs. Have an idea on how you can...

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