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69% of Employers Believe that 
Voluntary Benefits are a Critical Component of their Rewards Strategy.*

Does your insurance and benefits offering provide them with what they
need to 
recruit and retain top talent?

*2018 S.H.R.M. Survey

It’s Easy to Offer Voluntary Benefits
on Enrollment Day

The Genius Avenue storefront platform can give any brokerage a competitive edge on enrollment day.
Our mobile-optimized discount and benefits platform features medical health discounts, telehealth,
and financial wellness options in a complete, turnkey, digital, eshopping environment.

  • Optimized digital storefront provides an app store-style shopping experience
  • Leading digital payment processing allows employer contributions, ACH, PayPal or credit card payments
  • Your storefront is branded to keep your brokerage front and center
  • Versatile revenue share options to support the bottom-line

Create the ultimate employee experience this enrollment day and discover technology that excites clients, drives enrollment, and increases renewals.

We Want to Help You Optimize Your Voluntary and Lifestyle Benefits Package