Consumer Products Platform

Fully automated digital platform to host single products, product bundles, and sponsored marketplaces.

The product offering potential is flexible and dynamic.  Relationships and arrangements are made through Genius Avenue’s sister company, Genius Source. Full connectivity to Genius Avenue customer platform is easy and fluid, enabling a wide range of possibilities, such as a large insurance company sponsored marketplace, with select premium products available to their client companies’ employee base.


  • Create marketplaces
  • Host single or bundled products
  • Manage consumers’ enrollment
  • Automate payments to partners
  • Integrate Genius Pay processing

A Solution For

Insurance industry and related product and service companies; Carriers, health and wellness providers, direct to consumer benefit providers and distributors; Program sponsors and other groups, such as membership and affinity groups, employer groups, and buying organizations.

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A Featured Success Story

Genius Avenue client sees 36% growth thanks to Genius Avenue’s Consumer Products Platform.

Genius Avenue’s client has built a strong business providing a wide range of financial, health, and wellness products directly to consumers. Recently, the company opted to expand by partnering to provide its products to employer groups alongside traditional employee benefits. Genius Avenue’s deep expertise with these groups made for an ideal partnership. Genius Avenue has been able to not only provide guidance and strategic leadership, but also to host and provide the client’s products to individuals through these employer groups.

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20% Growth in the First Month!
Genius Avenue’s client is a successful identify theft protection company servicing 4.5 million consumers. See how cross-selling helped them grow.
Client sees 36% growth using Consumer Products Platform
Genius Avenue hosts and delivers client’s products to individuals through employer groups and provides strategic guidance.
Client Enables Product Bundling, Resulting in $100 Million in Invoiced Revenue
Genius Avenue's Customer Administration Platform simplifies shopping, purchasing, communications, and data.
Client sees 6% increase in activation rate with Genius Pay
Genius Avenue empowers the client’s subscription model alongside single purchase options.
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