Discover how a better customer experience can drive group enrollment, increase renewals, and accelerate profitability.

Employers want to do business with insurance and benefits experts who go beyond enrollment day and create great experiences for their employees year round. The right sales, enrollment, administration, and member management partner can help you create a great experience for every policy holder.

The Genius is in Our Approach


Today’s employers want more than just medical insurance. They demand benefits that support employee lifestyles and provide peace of mind, which means complex product offerings and costly administration. Genius Avenue helps our broker and agent partners exceed expectations by offering affordable policy holder management that provides choice, control, customization and an industry-leading user experience, without taking your time and focus away from growing your business. 

US Based Billing and Support

Our billing and customer service teams have deep benefits expertise and are US-based to support every interaction your customers have with their benefits. Our expert customer service team handles everything from billing and collections, to issuing documents and answering questions about coverage.

Flexible Policy Holder Management

You don’t need to spend your time managing members or administering policies. The Genius Avenue Enrollment and Benefit Administration platform has over 750 features and configuration options that can be customized to fit the needs of any product, group, or member population. 

Integrated Payment Processing

Our dedicated insurance payment system is built into every product and designed to give policy holders choice and control with a modern, empowering experience. Payment options include any combination of ACH, Credit Card, or PayPal, and recurring payments can be customized to fit any product’s unique needs.

Simple Dashboard and Reporting

A software-only solution requires integration and a steep learning curve before you can expect to see an ROI on your member management investment. Our platform is turn-key and features simplified reporting and portals that provide everything you need to see without the noise of excess features. 

Complex Reconciliation Mastered

Our platform was designed for insurance and benefits by insurance experts, so complex reconciliation, commissions, and managing multiple downstream payees are all built in and out of the box. We can address the needs of any customer base and any product.

100% Automated and Paperless

Outdated software and ad hoc member management solutions can consume your time and create a poor experience. No more looking for membership cards or answering simple questions about benefits. Our team and system cover everything from enrollment to renewal, and beyond.

Focus on Growing Your Business

Everyone wants to give their clients and policy holders the best experience, but rigid technology, inflexible solutions, and legacy platforms can consume time and make enrollment, administration, and member management costly and frustrating. Our platform empowers great customer experiences and handles everything throughout the customer’s entire lifetime so you can keep your focus on the next sale. 

Great Client Support Means Higher Engagement and Retention

Our merging of advanced technology and real customer support experts creates the foundation for a long-term relationship with customers, employers, employees, and group members.

Administer Any Customer Group or Any Product

There is no such thing as an off-the-shelf enrollment and administration solution.

Every group is unique, which is why you can’t entrust their experience to an off-the-shelf software or generic, unsupported solution. Genius Avenue’s digital enrollment and benefit administration platform was built to make excellent policy holder administration simple and affordable while providing an unparalleled feature set that supports the loyalty and trust our partners have worked so hard to establish.

Empowering Product Sales for Insurance Providers

A mid-sized insurance carrier was frustrated by its ever-growing technology stack, billing, commission processing,  and outsourced customer service expenses. They were dealing with a website admin, a hosting company, an E&A software provider, a billing processor, a rapidly growing billing team, and outsourced customer service agents.

Genius Avenue worked with them to consolidate all of those systems and outsourcers into one effective partnership and one platform. They have been to able reduce costs and streamline their technology stack without affecting their premium rates. In addition, Genius Avenue helped them create broker portals that allow brokers to have dedicated enrollment links and commission reports.

Accelerating Growth for Benefits Experts

A regional broker was expanding their book of business by offering a diverse set of lifestyle and voluntary benefits in addition to their core medical, dental, and vision offerings. Word was spreading fast and they were enjoying the growth, but all of the enrollment, benefits administration, collections, and payment reconciliation started taking up more and more time and the continuous addition of junior support staff was increasing overhead cutting into profits.

Genius Avenue is helping them reclaim their profit margin and focus on their sales and clients by taking over all member management, enrollment, and administration. Our system replaced their outdated spreadsheet member tracking and our team of experts has assumed all enrollment, customer service, collections, and reconciliation all for a small per employee, per-month fee. As a bonus, we’ve helped them create mobile-friendly sites for each client that they can use on enrollment day and videos to help them promote and explain benefits to policyholders.

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Great Results take more than Software

Great results are born from the understanding, versatility, and expertise that a dedicated partnership provides. Genius Avenue has been innovating alongside our partners for over a decade. We go beyond software by integrating advanced technology with real human customer support experts. We can work with you to create the perfect benefits platform member management solution to affordably meet to meet the exact needs of your clients.

A Few of Our Partners in Success

Accelerate Your Business

Technology for Insurance Experts Created by Insurance Experts

Our member management platform and team of experts were born and developed in the insurance regulatory environment and designed specifically to make member management of insurance, voluntary and lifestyle benefits simple, accessible, and valuable to brokers, agents, employers, and members.

One Partner.
One Platform.
Great Outcomes.

Genius Avenue offers a comprehensive platform solution that covers everything from simple, easy, enrollment to commission payments and a US based customer service and support team.

Security First

Genius Avenue offers best-in-class security certifications.

SOC 1 and SOC 2

PCI DSS Compliant



Genius Avenue can simplify policy holder administration and optimize enrollment to accelerate your business.

We can help you turn the frustrations of administration into a true competitive advantage and delight employers and members. Discover how easy and affordable it is to increase enrollment, support your policy holders, and improve retention by leveraging a true partner to create the perfect customer experience.