Insurance Trends every Employee Benefits Broker Should Know in 2020

Benefits and insurance aren’t exactly known as the most cutting-edge businesses, but as technology continues to evolve, the industry must quickly find ways to adapt in order to stay consistent with the digital revolution and modern consumer needs.

What’s Inside

  • How Insurtech will reshape insurance and benefits

  • Employee benefit trends for 2020 and beyond

  • How HRMS software will change benefits

  • The changing face of compliance

  • Why the customer experience matters

  • The most critical skill every broker needs

About the eBook

Through the last decade, an outpour of new technological advances have contributed to a digital shift, thus disrupting the traditional approach of benefits and insurance. The industry continues to be slow to adapt, but as the changes become more and more binding, everyone must be able to evolve to stay ahead of and look beyond the latest industry trends.

The priority of a benefits broker revolves around helping clients identify the plans best fitted for their lifestyle. When a broker is successfully able to evaluate, improve and offer the supplemental offerings that employees want, employers are then rewarded with a more engaged and productive workforce in return.

With the help of big data, artificial intelligence, mobile technology, user experience focused platforms and machine learning, insurtech is transforming and modernizing the once extremely outdated insurance model by implementing advanced technology to optimize products, services, and experiences.