We make it easy to offer your members health savings and voluntary benefits.

It isn’t hard to give your customers and members more. Genius Health Savings is a turnkey, branded, health and wellness savings and subscription benefits program that can give your members access to great discounts and voluntary benefits without impacting your team or your budget.

“The definition of genius is taking the complex
and making it simple.”

Albert Einstein

Free Savings – No Investment

Marketing Collateral and Support

Everything you need to Succeed

We include a complete marketing and communications kit as well as your own dedicated, password-protected marketing portal to help you get the message out and drive adoption. Every Genius Avenue Health Savings Program includes:

  • Sales and marketing collateral
  • Email templates
  • Product flyers
  • Print-outs
  • Landing pages
  • Social media and advertising
  • Videos
No Cost

No Investment Required

Your Genius Health Savings is free. There are no set-up costs for design, hosting, or member administration. Our program is WIN/WIN/WIN featuring free branded storefronts, free product listings, and free to use savings programs for consumers. There is no investment for distributors or sponsors. No budget required.


    No Setup Required

    Designed to be easy for you and your team, which is why your Genius Health Savings storefront comes ready for distribution and use. We build your store, take care of all branding, and load it with the products you request. Outside of letting us know what your members need, there is no lift or resources required.

      Fully Branded

      Your Members, Your Brand

      Your Genius Health Savings storefront keeps your brand top of mind. We use your logo and color scheme and allow you to customize language wherever possible. The goal is to give your members some great benefit options and savings that increase their engagement with your company.

        Fully Administered

        No Administrative Burden

        Every Genius Health Savings program includes 100% of member administration. We take care of all registration, documents, billing, and support. There is no impact on your team’s workload. Genius Avenue’s expert team is ready to make sure your members have a great experience.

          Anything is possible with the right partner

          Create your Genius Health Savings Storefront

          Marketing Collateral and Support

          Access your Genius Health Savings Partner Marketing Portal

          If you are an existing Genius Health Savings partner you can access your partner marketing portal here. If you need to change your UN/PW please contact us HERE.

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