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You can offer employees a Fortune 500 benefits experience with an SMB budget.

Improve your benefits offering, boost retention, enhance your recruitment strategy, increase engagement, and amplify your compensation package while rewarding employees.



Today’s employees want more than just medical insurance. They demand benefits that support their lifestyle, address everyday speedbumps, and provide freedom and peace of mind. Genius Avenue can work with your broker to create the perfect benefits enrollment and benefits management solution for your business. Our partners exceed expectations and empower employees by offering digital solutions that provide choice, control, customization and an industry leading user experience.

US Based Billing and Support

Our billing and customer service teams have deep benefits expertise and are US based to support every interaction your customers have with their benefits. Our expert customer service team handles everything from billing and collections, to issuing documents and answering questions about coverage.

Simple Dashboard and Reporting

A software only solution requires integration and a steep learning curve before you can expect to see an ROI on your member management investment. Our platform is turn-key and features simplified reporting and portals that provide everything you need to see without the noise of excess features. 

Flexible Employee Management

You don’t need to spend your time managing employee memberships or administering policies. The Genius Avenue Enrollment and Benefit Administration platform has over 750 features and configuration options that can be customized to fit the needs of any product, group, or member population. 

Complex Reconciliation Mastered

Our platform and approach was designed for insurance and benefits by insurance experts so support complex reconciliation, commissions, and multiple payee management is a breeze.
We truly can address the needs of any
customer base and any group of products. 

Integrated Payment Processing

Our dedicated insurance payment system is
built in to every product and designed to give policy holders choice and control with a
modern, empowering experience. Payment options include any combination of ACH, Credit Card, or PayPal and recurring payments can be customized to fit any product’s unique needs.

100% Automated and Paperless

Outdated software and ad hoc member management solutions can consume your time and create a poor experience. No more looking for membership cards or answering simple questions about benefits. Our team and system cover everything from enrollment to renewal, and beyond.


We offer everything you need to provide great benefits management and employee enrollment experiences, all from one partner and one platform. We can work with your broker to create the perfect employee benefits management solution and enrollment experience.


Our mobile based benefit management and enrollment solutions create the foundation for greater adoption, sustained communication and greater employee satisfaction.


Effective compensation packages must include enhanced voluntary and lifestyle benefits

Lifestyle and Voluntary benefits are increasingly in demand. 89% of younger employees prioritize benefits over pay raises. Luckily there is a way that any employer or can offer leading, in-demand, advanced benefit products without incurring additional costs or administration.

A Few of Our Partners

We can work with your broker to amplify to improve your benefit offering and provide a great employee enrollment experience.

Your compensation and benefits package shouldn’t be limited by poor benefits management or enrollment solutions that make things more difficult. Discover how Genius Avenue’s SEA Advantage platform can expand your benefit offering and help you create exceptional enrollment experiences for employees and members.