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You Can Offer Employees and Members Competitive Voluntary and Lifestyle Benefits Without Administrative Headaches

or Heavy Costs.

Boost retention, enhance your recruitment strategy, increase engagement, and amplify your compensation package while rewarding employees and members.


There is massive disruption in the insurance, benefit, and healthcare industries. Great companies are eager to innovate but are often constrained by rigid technology, inflexible solutions, and legacy platforms. 


Today’s employees want more than just medical insurance. They demand benefits that support their lifestyle, address everyday speedbumps, and provide freedom and peace of mind. Genius Avenue helps our partners exceed expectations and empower employees by offering digital solutions that provide choice, control, customization and an industry leading user experience.

Advanced Digital Marketplace

The Enhanced Benefits Marketplace empowers benefits and insurance providers to take their products mobile and provide an app-store style eshopping experience, quickly and effectively without sacrificing the user’s experience.

Ongoing Engagement and Rewards

A mobile, easy to use Offers system that allows for unlimited creativity and connects with employees right on the smart devices they carry with them every day.

Flexible Enrollment Administration

The Genius Avenue Enrollment and Benefit Administration platform can be customized to fit the needs of any product or member population.

Leading Product Line

Genius Avenue has created a curated collection of the best insurance, voluntary, and lifestyle benefits to help any employer or group sponsor expand their offering.


Revolutionary Payment Processing

A payment solution that provides more choice and control designed to enhance a modern eshopping experience. Payment options include any combination of ACH, Credit Card, PayPal, and Employer Contribution.


100% Paperless Digital Wallet

Members can access their coverage documents and manage their policies from a secure, mobile digital wallet. No more looking for membership cards or wondering about benefits. Everything is in one place, right on the customer’s phone.


Our Contemporary, Elegant, Mobile Solutions Create the Foundation for Sustained Communication and Greater Satisfaction.


With Historically Low Unemployment Compensation Packages Must Include Enhanced Voluntary and Lifestyle Benefits

Lifestyle and Voluntary benefits are increasingly in demand. 89% of younger employees prioritize benefits over pay raises. Luckily there is a way that any employer or association can offer leading, in-demand, advanced benefit products without incurring additional costs or administration.


Great results are born from the understanding, versatility, and expertise a dedicated partnership provides. Genius Avenue has been innovating alongside our partners for over a decade. We can work with you to create the perfect platform solution to meet to meet the exact needs of your group, members, or employees.

A Few of Our Partners


69% of Employers Say that Voluntary and Lifestyle Benefits are a Critical Component of Their Compensation Strategy
Go beyond just insurance and benefits with an Offers and rewards system that allows you to create value for your employees and members. Genius Avenue Offers are only limited by your imagination. Our system allows you to give your people everything from discounts on training classes, to local coupons, and podcasts while creating new channels of communication, increasing engagement, and assuring satisfaction.

One Partner. One Platform. Great Outcomes.

Genius Avenue offers a comprehensive platform solution that covers everything from simple, easy, elegant enrollment to commission payments and a US-based customer service and support team.
Genius Avenue was born in the regulatory environment of the insurance industry. We provide elegant, versatile solutions that create great customer experiences while keeping your customers secure. 

You Can Amplify Your Compensation Package and Increase Employee Satisfaction

Your compensation and benefits package shouldn’t be limited by platforms or solutions that stifle your innovation. Discover how Genius Avenue can expand your offering and help you create exceptional experiences for employees and members.