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Today’s Insurance and Benefits Consumers Demand a Modern, Easy, Mobile Shopping Experience.


Discover a Proven, Secure, Mobile Insurance and Benefits Storefront Platform that Increases Sales, Expands Distribution, and Improves Retention. 

The Genius Avenue Enhanced Benefits Marketplace platform empowers insurance and benefit companies to provide their customers with an elegant, mobile first, digital eshopping experience.



Genius Avenue Specializes in Creating Exceptional Experiences for our Clients and Their Members

Genius Avenue empowers our partners with marketplace storefronts that make connections and drive transactions. Change how customers and members experience your brand and adopt your products by crafting a better experience for the people who matter most.


Mobile First Design

Elegant, mobile first design gives customers the shopping experience they demand.


Integrated Payment Processing

A seamless payment solution
that allows any combination of Credit Card, ACH, Pay by Check, PayPal and Employer Deduction.

Fully Branded

White label functionality that elevates your brand and creates a consistent user experience.


Drive Engagement

Use the Offers feature to promote your brand, create special deals, and engage with consumers and employees.


There is No Such Thing as a One-Size-Fits-All Marketplace or Mobile Solution.

How your customer’s experience your products is too important to fit in an off-the-shelf solution crafted by some nescient technology startup. The Genius Avenue Advanced Marketplace platform was built by insurance experts specifically for the insurance and benefits industry. Leverage our decades of experience and create a branded marketplace that will position your product for continual growth in a rapidly evolving digital environment.


We enable our partners to unlock new revenue streams while improving their customer’s experience by leveraging easy, secure, and scalable mobile solutions.


You shouldn’t settle for a marketplace solution that restrains your innovative ideas. You CAN create a mobile insurance, voluntary, or lifestyle storefront that fits the needs of your product, brokers, and policy holders while increasing enrollment, improving retention, and guaranteeing a great customer experience.  

Public or Private Storefronts

Create a marketplace storefront for one product or one hundred. Your storefront can feature products exclusively from a single carrier or provider OR it can include diverse benefits from our product line partners. 

Enrollment and Administration

Complex administration and heavy interaction requirements are no match for a feature set created in the regulatory environment of the insurance industry. Our solution offers the flexibility to support any member base of any size with any requirements.

Fully Branded

Keep your brand in front of your customers and members with a fully white-labled, mobile marketplace that features your logos, colors, and company information.

Mobile First

Genius Avenue designs all of our solutions with a mobile first mindset to help our partners create a truly responsive, modern brand experience on any device, from any location. Stay top of mind on the devices members carry every day. 

100% Paperless Digital Wallet

Consumers can access their coverage documents and manage their policies right from a secure, mobile digital wallet. No more looking for membership cards or wondering about benefits. Everything is in one place, right on the customer’s phone.

Unlimited Engagement

Group sponsors, brokers, and product providers can leverage the Offers feature to promote other enhanced benefits, special deals, or perks to their end users. Endless options drive conversions and improve retention.

Versatile Pricing

Our partners need contracts and pricing that fit the unique needs of their particular business model and customer base, which is why we offer Per Member Per Month, Revenue Share, or Percentage based pricing packages.

Payment Processing

We’ve created a leading payment processing solution to empower members and customers with choice and control. Process any card, ACH, PayPal, or employer / group contribution directly from any device.


Best In Class Security Certifications

Feel Free to Innovate

Innovation is more than adopting a software or moving to a platform. Great results are born from the understanding, versatility, and expertise a dedicated partnership provides. Genius Avenue has been innovating alongside our partners for over a decade. We can expand your distribution and create the perfect marketplace solution to meet the exact needs of your product and your customers.

Our Partners

Let’s Co-Create Your Custom, Mobile Storefront Solution.

Your clients and members expect choice, control, and ease of use, all within a great mobile eshopping experience. Together we can tailor the perfect marketplace storefront your members demand and deserve. Don’t compromise your vision.


 Feel free to innovate!


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