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We streamline association member management and optimize benefits administration so you can focus on providing your association clients with the best customer experience.
Its time to unlock your group’s full revenue potential.

Genius Avenue’s S.E.A Advantage Member Management, Enrollment, and Benefits Administration platform can optimize association benefit management, enrollment, billing, payment collection, and member services. Our versatile technology and a team of US-based billing, customer service, and marketing experts give members a great experience and handle everything so you can focus on growing your business.

The Genius is in Our Approach

Enrollment and Everything After

Genius Avenue specializes in making benefit and member management easy while creating great customer experiences.

Automate, consolidate, and streamline enrollment, benefit administration, and member management for any association, and craft a better experience for the people who matter most. Our optimized benefits management platform can free up resources, consolidate systems, streamline processes, and increase benefit commissions and profitability. Complex administration and heavy member interaction requirements are no match for a feature set created in the regulatory environment of the insurance industry. Our solution offers the flexibility to support any member base, of any size, with any requirements.

750+ Features and configuration options and we’re just getting started. Click below to access the full list or contact us to discuss a custom build.

Master Billing and Collections

Streamline billing, collections, membership documents, and account reconciliation for member population of any size. 

100% of your Member Benefits

Our unmatched features and configuration options mean we can support your association’s member benefits without expensive customization.

Enrollment Marketing Support

Our marketing team can assist your member enrollment efforts with videos and promotion support.

Level Up Your Member Experience

Discover how a dedicated, US based customer service team can unlock your association’s full potential.

One Partner, One Platform, Amazing Results

Our S.E.A Advantage platform gives you everything you need to provide great member management and customer experiences throughout the entire customer journey. We can streamline your technology stack, minimize your software tools, and limit your outsourced services to save your organization time and money.

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Stand out from Everyone else

Payment Processing

We’ve created a leading payment processing solution to empower members and customers with choice and control. Process any card, ACH, PayPal, or employer/group contribution directly from any device.

Focus on Growth

Outdated member management can create costly overhead and time-consuming administration. We streamline and optimize everything after the sale so you can focus on the next opportunity and accelerate your business.

Versatile Reconciliation

A truly streamlined enrollment and member management solution should be able to make managing downstream reconciliation easy. Our system is built to support multiple payees and variable commissions.

Real People

Great experiences are built by real people, which is why you can’t trust your members or customers to an automated solution. We have real customer service and billing representatives assuring your customer’s experience.

Simple Interface

A complex off-the-shelf software won’t reduce the burden on your employees. We offer streamlined admin portals that focus on the numbers you need so there is no learning curve, programming, or training needed.

Advanced Reporting

When you’re managing a product with complex reconciliation and multiple payees, transparency is everything. Our system can create customized reports to provide insights into your entire value chain and cash flow.

Marketing Support

We don’t succeed unless you succeed, which is why we have assembled a leading digital marketing team to help drive your enrollment and increase renewals for our partners. Our team can drive your marketing strategy or augment current initiatives.

Mobile Optimized

Genius Avenue designs all of our solutions with a mobile-first mindset to help our partners create a truly responsive, modern brand experience on any device, from any location. Stay top of mind on the devices members carry every day.

Manage any Association Benefit or Member Population

There is no such thing as an off-the-shelf benefit administration and member management solution.

Every member is unique, which is why you can’t entrust their experience to an off-the-shelf software or generic, unsupported solution. Genius Avenue’s digital enrollment, member management, and benefit administration platform was built to make excellent member experiences simple and affordable while providing an unparalleled feature set that supports the loyalty and trust our partners have worked so hard to establish.

Increasing Membership for Associations

A professional association for specialty craftsmen is slowly expanding its national membership base by offering great value and benefits for its members. The problem was that the expanding membership base required more and more time and overhead to manage. Collecting dues, reconciling payments to multiple payees, issuing member documents and updates, and dealing with normal customer service questions was outpacing their small staffs’ ability to keep up. They’ve contracted with Genius Avenue to hand off all member management and benefit administration for a low per, member, per-month fee. As a bonus, Genius Avenue has helped them create social media campaigns to attract new members.

Start Creating Greater Customer Lifetime Value

More than just software.

Our platform member and benefit management approach combines advanced technology with an integrated payment solution and real, human billing and customer service.

One Partner, One Platform, Amazing Results

We provide everything you need to create great member management and customer experiences, all from one partner and one platform. We can streamline your technology stack, minimize your software tools, optimize your benefits offering, and limit your outsourced services to save your organization time and money.

Great results take more than software.

Great results are born from the understanding, versatility, and expertise that a dedicated partnership provides. We can work with you to create the perfect platform solution to meet the exact needs of your product and your customers.

Our Partners in Success

Security First

Genius Avenue offers best-in-class security certifications.

SOC 1 and SOC 2

PCI DSS Compliant
HIPPA Compliant

Streamline benefits administration, accelerate growth, and create great member experiences.

Software alone can’t optimize your member managment, free up resources, or increase revenue. We can create the member management platform and customer experience your members demand and deserve. Discover how the right partner can make all the difference.

Association Benefits Management Made Easy