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Our Partnership
Empowers Your Success.

You could just buy software, or contract a solution…

Or you could form a partnership that will support your entire strategy with a proven platform and a team of industry experts, dedicated to creating deeper connections between your organization and your customers.

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”

― E.F. Schumacher


We go beyond software and solutions to create a platform for strategic success that incorporates technology with real human support and deep expertise.


A collection of code that provides features and functionality to ease a generic business task.

Genius Avenue

A team of experts who partner with you
to create a dedicated platform that includes:

Advanced features and functionality
Integrated payment processing solutions
Real human customer service
Real human billing and fulfillment
Mobile friendly hosted product websites
Marketing support and augmentation
Strategic support and consulting



A customized collection of code that provides advanced features and functionality to solve a specific problem.


Genius Avenue leverages our experience, marketing, and technological abilities to connect our partners with their customers, drive discovery, optimize the user experience, increase retention, and create continual consumer lifetime value.


How a Genius Avenue Partnership Works: 

We Listen to You

Only through deep understanding of your business, goals, and strategy can we be a truly impactful partner. Listening means we don’t push a sale or
make an assumption. The focus is on your goal and the best
path to achieve it.

We Explore the Options With You

The Genius Avenue platform is not a fit for
every business. We will not partner with any carrier, broker, association, or group sponsor without both parties truly believing that we
offer the best solution possible.

We Put Your Brand and Your Customers First

From integration to fulfillment, the focus stays on providing your
customers with the best experience. We recognize that we are
representatives of your brand and will always act
in your best interest.

We are Committed to Your Long-Term Success

We are dedicated to increasing your customer lifetime value and
accelerating your business, not short term results or quick fixes.
Scaling your business model is not a process that can be set on
autopilot or limited by an expiration date.

We will Innovate, Grow, and Improve Together

Success is not a static destination, and markets shift every day. We are your strategic partner and as part of our commitment we will never stop learning, innovating, or looking for ways to do things better and achieve greater results.

Discover the Power of a True Partnership

If you think a Genius Avenue partnership would be a good fit for your
company or organization please contact us so we can begin the discussion.


 Feel free to innovate!