We empower you with
the exact capabilities you need to grow your business.

Genius Avenue’s customer centric approach isn’t about shoving your business into an off the shelf software or complex platform. We focus on truly understanding your needs and giving you the exact solution you need to optimize customer acquisition and member management. Our versatile, hyper-configurable technology solutions, deep expertise, and advanced capabilities can help you unlock new opportunities, streamline existing processes, increase sales, improve member experiences, and accelerate growth.

The genius is in our approach

If your business partners aren’t working as hard as you it’s not a partnership…it’s a sinking ship.

Julian Hall


Marketing Support

Amplify your impact. Increase conversions. Create Customers. Genius Avenue's marketing team supports our partners and drives growth.

Mobile Acceleration

We offer turn-key mobile marketplaces and enrollment solutions that unlock new sales opportunities, drive adoption, and improve customer engagement. 

Association Sales

We simplify association group sales, voluntary self-pay, and member management. Offering products to associations has never been easier.

Enroll and Admin

Unlock new opportunities and new channels with a hyper-configurable, affordable customer acquisition and member management platform.

Product Warehouse

Give your customers more. Leverage our partnerships to improve your product offering and expand your benefit packages quickly and easily.


Make year round, off-payroll, direct-to-consumer, digital sales a reality with turn-key solutions and capabilities that support any product or group.

Sales Acceleration

Create sustained, scalable, consistent sales growth, scale your individual and group sales, unlock new opportunities, and increase consumer lifetime value.

Simplify Reconciliation

Say goodbye to the end of the month panic. Master complex billing and collections and simplify downstream payees and multi-partner reconciliation. 

Digital Payments

Empower your policy holders with digital payment solutions that offers choice, control, and security. Do it all, easily, from ACH to Text to Pay and Crypto.

Their Approach

Most Enroll and Admin solutions focuses on software-based technologies that might have a transformative effect on your business… if you can implement it correctly, drive adoption, and scale it to cover your investment.

Our Approach

Genius Avenue focuses on your customers, dedicating our entire platform to their experience and partnering with you to empower your strategy, increase enrollment, expand distribution, improve retention, and accelerate your business.

We work with you to find the right way forward

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions and so we don’t offer one-size-fits-all pricing or partnerships.

You won’t pay for features or capabilities you don’t and won’t use. Whether you need enrollment technology, administration services, customer acquisition support, marketing support, or any of our other capabilities we are ready to create the package that works for you.

Whatever the needs of your product or business model, we’ll work together to find the right solution.


Per employee or member per month pricing allows our clients the flexibility many product types require.

Variable PEPM/PMPM with thresholds

We can also support per enrolled per month with thresholds to help our clients manage market fluctuations.

Flat Fee

Depending on the requirements of your product or business, a flat fee can be the best option.

Revenue Share

Our model also enables percentage-based revenue sharing, meaning we only succeed when we succeed together.

We’ll work with you

Our partnerships are as configurable as our platform. We pride ourselves on our ability to identify solutions and make them work. Genius Avenue brings that same philosophy to our partnerships; we will always work with our clients to find the right way forward.  

Start creating greater customer lifetime value


How a Genius Avenue partnership works: 

We Put Your Brand and Your Customers First

From integration to fulfillment, the focus stays on providing your customers with the best experience. We recognize that we are representatives of your brand and will always act in your best interest.

We Explore Options with You

The Genius Avenue platform is not a fit for every business. We will not partner with any carrier, broker, association, or group sponsor without both parties truly believing that we offer the best solution possible.

We Listen to You

Only through deep understanding of your business, goals, and strategy can we be a truly impactful partner. Listening means we don’t push a sale or make an assumption. The focus is on your goal and the best path to achieve it.

We Are Committed to your Long-Term Success

We are dedicated to increasing your customer lifetime value and accelerating your business, not short term results or quick fixes. Scaling your business model is not a process that can be set on autopilot or limited by an expiration date.

We Will Innovate, Grow, and Improve Together

Success is not a static destination, and markets shift every day. We are your strategic partner and as part of our commitment we will never stop learning, innovating, or looking for ways to do things better and achieve greater results.

Discover the power of the Genius Approach

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