We’ve Built the Most Robust Payment Solution for the Insurance and Benefits Industry

Genius Pay is a payment solution created by insurance experts, specifically for the insurance, voluntary, and lifestyle benefit industry. Boasting industry-leading uptime, outstanding security, and a robust feature set it can empower your customers, drive sales, and exceed customer expectations.

Payment Capabilities and Features

  • Accepts the collection of single and recurring payments.
  • Recurring payments can be billed daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, and everything in between.
  • Recurring payment durations can be based on an outstanding balance, a set number of payment cycles, or open ended.
  • Processing fees can be deferred to the customer. This can be done for all transactions or specific ones. Doing so has the potential of netting a 1% to 3% increase to revenue.
  • Can create an infinite number of custom plans with different billing structures. Dental offices have used this feature to create their own “coverage plans” for those with and without insurance so patients are not forced to defer treatment.
  • Can collect and setup basic payment plans via email.
  • Capable of sending payment receipts via email and/or text message.
  • Reports allow businesses to see how much has been collected, declined, and how much they have paid for credit card processing.
  • Graphs provide businesses with totals collected by day, month and year.
  • Have credit card swipe devices for those businesses needing to swipe physical cards.
  • Can collect and setup basic payment plans via email.
  • Can quickly electronically board new merchants. (The process includes gathering the business’s name, address and contact information for who will be setting up the account. An email is then sent to the individual with a link to the application. It’s filled out and submitted. It’s reviewed and another email is sent to digitally sign documents. Is then sent to the underwriter for approval and the merchant is boarded.)
  • Provides very competitive credit card rates that supports both flat rate and IC pricing models.
  • Also offers ACH and PayPal payments.
  • Has a payment API that allows businesses to tie directly to the payment platform.
  • Has a white labeled payments page that allows other sites to accept payments from their own website via embed code.