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Increase Enrollment, Expand Distribution, and Improve Retention.

One partner. One platform.

Amazing Results.

Optimize your distribution and maximize customer lifetime value by leveraging proven, secure, effective, mobile sales and digital engagement solutions from a true partner.


There is massive disruption in the insurance, benefit, and healthcare industries. Great companies are eager to innovate but are often constrained by rigid technology, inflexible solutions, and legacy platforms. 


Today’s customers and policy holders demand more from their insurance and benefits. Genius Avenue specializes in creating exceptional experiences for our clients and their members.

Advanced Digital Marketplace

The Enhanced Benefits Marketplace empowers benefits and insurance providers to take their products mobile and provide an app-store style eshopping experience, quickly and effectively.


Revolutionary Payment Processing

A dedicated insurance payment solution that gives consumers more choice and control with a modern, empowering experience. Payment options include any combination of ACH, Credit Card, PayPal, and Employer Contribution.

Leading Product Line

Genius Avenue has created a curated collection of the best insurance, voluntary, and lifestyle benefits to help any product provider expand their offering and unlock new revenue opportunities.


Don’t settle for a platform or solution that restrains your innovation or your distribution.


You’ve Worked Too Hard to Tolerate Poor Enrollment and Retention Results.

Providing insurance, voluntary or lifestyle benefit customers with a great experience is no longer optional, but it does not need to be risky, expensive, or require a massive investment in staff or technology. Genius Avenue’s solutions help our partners realize the full value of their customer base and discover how a modern, mobile, digital solutions can have a transformative impact on the bottom-line.


Great results are born from the understanding, versatility, and expertise a dedicated partnership provides. We can work with you to create the perfect platform solution to meet the exact needs of your product and your customers.

A Few of Our Partners


We Focus on Human Centered Technology That Creates Great Experiences and Expands Your Market
Insurance and benefits providers don’t need artificial intelligence or machine learning to create greater enrollment and improve retention. They need trusted, established technology that focuses on people, built by people who understand. Our marketplace, enrollment and benefit administration, and payment solutions were born in the regulatory environment and created by insurance experts to support the benefits and insurance industry.


Genius Avenue has been innovating alongside our partners for over a decade. We empower our partners to meet their customers where they are today with versatile, mobile-first, technology that makes your company look great.  

Private Marketplaces

A fully branded marketplace storefront stocked solely with your insurance products or benefits to keep your company front and center while leveraging the best user experience imaginable.

Public Marketplace

Feature your insurance, lifestyle or voluntary benefit with other products that diversify your offering, expand your active customer base, and unlock new sources of revenue.

Broker Marketplace

Give your brokers and agents an unprecedented competitive advantage with a marketplace storefront that drives adoption and enrollment by empowering enrollees and group sponsors.

Unlimited Engagement

Employers, brokers, and product providers can leverage our Offers feature to promote other enhanced benefits, special deals, or perks to consumers. Endless options drive conversions and improve retention.

Mobile First

Genius Avenue designs all of our solutions with a mobile first mindset to help our partners create a truly responsive, modern brand experience on any device, from any location. Stay top of mind on the devices members carry every day.

Versatile Pricing

Our partners need contracts and pricing that fit the unique needs of their particular business model and customer base, which is why we offer Per Member Per Month, Revenue Share, or Percentage based pricing packages.

Real People

Great groups are built by great people, which is why you can’t trust your members or customers to an automated solution. We have real customer service and client support representatives supervising your group’s administrative functions.

100% Paperless Digital Wallet

Consumers can access their coverage documents and manage their policies right from a secure, mobile digital wallet. No more looking for membership cards or wondering about benefits. Everything is in one place, right on the customer’s phone.


Genius Avenue offers a comprehensive platform that covers everything from simple, easy, elegant enrollment to commission payments and a US-based customer service and support team.
Genius Avenue was born in the regulatory environment of the insurance industry. We provide elegant, versatile solutions that create great customer experiences while keeping your customers secure. 

Discover How Genius Avenue Can Help Your Company Create a True Competitive Advantage and Increase Customer Lifetime Value

You don’t need to compromise your vision, or your customer’s experience with an off-the-shelf
software solution. 
Discover how you can increase enrollment, expand distribution, and improve retention by leveraging focused technology to revolutionize how customers discover, experience, and adopt your products.