Insurance and wellness product providers want to meet today’s insurance consumer’s expectations

Provide the shopping and purchasing experience consumers want

The Genius Enhanced Benefits Marketplace is a digital insurance ecosystem.

Avoid the traditionally clunky buying process. Provide consumers ease of access, flexibility to purchase only the coverage they need, and a streamlined buying experience.

Product providers have many types of products that are offered to consumers. From automobile coverage to homeowners policies, life and health insurance plans, and many more benefits, Genius AvenueTM platforms have streamlined the process of getting the policies in front of groups and ultimately consumers.

  • 100% digital
  • A complete enrollment and admin solution, as a single product, part of a bundle, or full scale marketplace
  • No paper, no processing
  • Flexibility to easily launch new products
  • Reduce renewal processing costs and admin
  • Manage all commission and broker payments

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