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Great insurance and benefit products can be complex. Collecting premium payments and membership dues are just the first step. That initial payment needs to be credited to any number of downstream payees including multi-tier broker commissions, carrier and partner company pay outs, and even service fees for platform providers.

Save Time and Save Money with Genius Avenue

Complex commissions and payment reconciliation can eat up a lot of hours, slow down processing, stress out your team, create opportunities for human error and strain partner relationships. Instead of asking your team to do backflips every month why not consider a better solution.

We can integrate with any system to meet any business process need

Genius Avenues’ Advanced Reconciliation Capabilities make complex payment processes a breeze.

1. Configurable

Our system was built to support some of the most complex insurance products on the market and our unmatched configuration options and customization simplify multi-level payouts.

2. Adaptable

We are API based so we can integrate with almost any existing ben admin, TPA, or billing system.

3. Automated

Our automated systems can reconcile payouts in real time and are augmented by an in-house dev group and dedicated, US-based insurance and benefit billing experts.

4. Transparent

Detailed, customizable reporting and secure partner portals provide full transparency, 24/7 on payment activity.

5. Secure

Like all Genius Avenue services we deploy the highest-level security to protect your data and your customers.

Discover how Genius Avenue helped an HSA lender scale their business

An up-and-coming health tech company has an extremely innovative product. They allow employers to offer their employees access to pretax dollars used towards medical expenses before those dollars are actually accrued. The product is fantastic, and many employers and brokers agree, resulting in significant new business for the benefits provider. The problem is making this product work smoothly and effectively requires complex reconciliation, payments, and reporting behind the scenes.

Say goodbye to the end of the month panic.

Advanced Reconciliation. From the insurance and benefits experts at Genius Avenue.