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Do you know a company or association that needs to optimize their sales, enrollment, and administration?

When you refer a new partner to Genius Avenue you can receive an ongoing commission or referral bonus when the deal closes. We’ll help your referred product carrier, agency, or association overcome their enrollment, administration, and member management challenges…and you’ll earn more than just their gratitude. 

The Genius is in Our Approach




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You’ll earn a commission/bonus for the referral when the deal closes and the solution goes live.

Our S.E.A Advantage platform is a recommendation you can be proud of

We recognize that every referral is a vote of confidence that reflects on the referrer, which is why we treat every lead with respect and integrity. We want to help your lead make the best choice to overcome their unique challenges…even if it is recommending another platform.

Anything is Possible with the Right Partner

Your referral can accelerate product adoption, ease transactions, drive sales, and increase retention by creating a great customer experience.

One Partner, One Platform, Amazing Results

We’ve been privileged to work with partners across the benefit and insurance industry and we’ve found ways to help all of them succeed.

For Products and Carriers

Our carrier partners discover how a better enrollment experience and streamlined member admin can impact their bottom line and increase retention. Our unique approach and real human support can optimize your sales and drive growth.

For Brokers and Agents

We can administer any product for any group, while making the enrollment process mobile friendly and intuitive. Our billing and customer service experts enhance the members experience and add value for clients.

For Groups and Employers

We understand that a benefit offering is only as good as its adoption rate by employees. We can help employers discover affordable benefit options that increase enrollment, employee satisfaction, and retention rates.

Discover the S.E.A Advantage

Genius Avenue Sales, Enrollment and Administration platform in make transactions, administration, and member management easy.

Genius Avenue offers a comprehensive set of tools, deep expertise, and a consumer-centric approach that empowers any product, carrier, agency, or brokerage to create a better buying experience and increase enrollment and retention.

The Genius Avenue Platform Features:

Focus on Growth

Customized enrollment with unmatched features and functionality to fit any group, association, or product.

Versatile Reconciliation

Flexibility to support any product, group, association, or employer and drive adoption.

Real People

Comprehensive customer service and billing support experience that features real people, based in the USA.

Advanced Reporting

Technology created by insurance experts for the insurance and benefits industry.

Marketing Support

Marketing support that unlocks new channels and makes benefits and insurance enrollment intuitive and easy.

Mobile Optimized

Mobile solutions that create a seamless experience and simplify purchasing and renewal.

Are you ready to help your referral achieve sustained sales growth and streamline enrollment, administration, and member management?

Earn a commission or bonus by helping great companies and associations unlock streamlined enrollment, expand distribution, and improve retention with a proven, secure and effective platform that creates consumer lifetime value and a fantastic customer experience.