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More Activations

Genius Avenue’s Genius Pay platform empowered the client’s subscription model alongside single purchase options to increase their activiation rate.

$100M Invoiced

Genius Avenue’s Enrollment and  Administration Platform (paired with Genius Pay) enabled product bundling for client, resulting in $100M invoiced revenue.

36% Growth

Since using Genius Avenue’s platforms, products, and distribution, member enrollment has increased by 28% across client groups, leading to 36% percent growth since inception.

Revenue Up 20%

After 1 month our client now has the ability to upsell products, cross-sell with different products, and nurture current clients in a well informed, cost effective manner.

Discover how Genius Avenue helped an HSA lender scale their business

An up-and-coming health tech company has an extremely innovative product. They allow employers to offer their employees access to pretax dollars used towards medical expenses before those dollars are actually accrued. The product is fantastic, and many employers and brokers agree, resulting in significant new business for the benefits provider. The problem is making this product work smoothly and effectively requires complex reconciliation, payments, and reporting behind the scenes.


Increased Activation Rate

Generated Revenue

New Customer Revenue

Case Study

Genius Pay

Client sees 6% increase in activation rate with Genius Pay.

 To strengthen its role in the marketplace, the client wanted to offer a more sophisticated payment tool for its customers. The client, an emerging health and wellness company, provides discounted testing services and health products for its customers.

Genius Avenue’s Genius Pay platform empowered the client’s subscription model alongside single purchase options.

Customers can order a 90-day supply and either be billed monthly or choose a one-time purchase. Genius Pay flexibility helps consumers better manage diabetes and, in turn, become even more active members.

This client also joined the Genius Avenue Customer Administration Platform with a marketplace portal, increasing customer relations and overall business management.

Finally, the client company added its products to the Genius Marketplace, Genius Avenue’s advanced consumer products platform, increasing visibility and offering a new avenue to reach customers, leading to 3,000 new customers and $66,000.

Case Study

Enrollment & Administration

Genius Avenue’s Customer Administration Platform (paired with Genius Pay) enables product bundling for client, resulting in $100M invoiced revenue.

Genius Avenue’s client offers a wide range of individual products to supplement benefit plans for employers of any size. However, managing multiple vendors and relationships to administer the products was costly and time consuming. Genius Avenue was able to simplify this by placing all products on one platform to ease shopping, purchasing, communications, and data.

Genius Avenue’s Customer Administration Platform, paired with Genius Pay, provides our client an enrollment platform for managing products, groups, and members.

Next, Genius Avenue provided a customized self-service broker portal to support sales efforts and provide technical services essential to the client’s vendor relationships. 

Third, Genius Avenue created a custom direct-to-consumer marketplace environment that provides consumers with state-specific benefits and pricing. This functionality integrated with Genius Pay has resulted in increased views, increased sales, reduced cart abandonment, and increased lifetime value of customer.

Finally, Genius Avenue’s Connected Customer Program allows the client to engage with consumers one on one and grow their business using data collected at check out.

Members Enrolled

Groups Built

Invoiced with Genius Pay


Increased Membership


Overall Growth

While implementing these strategies, the client has also benefited from Genius Avenue’s expertise and experience in the employer market for operational, administrative, and technical knowledge and support.

Case Study


Genius Avenue client sees 36% growth thanks to Genius Avenue’s Consumer Products Platform.

Genius Avenue’s client has built a strong business providing a wide range of financial, health, and wellness products directly to consumers. Recently, the company opted to expand by partnering to provide its products to employer groups alongside traditional employee benefits. Genius Avenue’s expertise with these groups made for an ideal partnership. Genius Avenue has been able to not only provide guidance and strategic leadership, but also to host and provide the client’s products to individuals through these employer groups.

The client’s goal was to expand its addressable consumer markets to include employee groups.

Genius Avenue’s Consumer Products Platform presents customized dynamic product offerings while staying consistent with client’s brand and business rules. This client’s customers can now offer employees digital access to a single product or several products and bundles that includes the client suite.

The client also uses Genius Avenue’s preferred distribution channel partners to enhance its scope of new market opportunities with beneficial product bundles.

This has been a huge success for the client. Since using Genius Avenue’s platforms, products, and distribution, overall member enrollment has increased by 28% across client groups, leading to 36% percent growth since inception.

Case Study

Customer Connections

Genius Avenue platforms grow client revenue 20% in first month.

Genius Avenue’s client is a successful identify theft protection company. It provides services to more than 4.5 million consumers, but still needs to expand its services and customer base.

The strategy was twofold:

  1. Expand the customer base and reach beyond the direct-to-consumer market by offering services as a voluntary option in employee benefit packages, and…
  2. Add new sources of revenue from the existing customer base.

Genius Avenue worked with the client to develop a customized action plan. Today, the client utilizes distribution opportunities through employer market channel partners and using a fully compliant Customer Administration Platform. The platform is backed by a full staff of support professionals, as well as GA’s aggressive, research-backed Connected Customer Program.

Genius Avenue’s Connected Customer Program includes email campaigns, text solutions, and paper mail engagement, blended with strong performance research. Our client now has the ability to upsell products, market add-ons, cross-sell with different products, and provide up-to-date information to nurture current clients in a well informed, cost effective manner.

Using market data to research compatibility, Genius Avenue paired our client’s top-rated identity theft product with legal, disability, and extended medical products in a marketplace bundle. This cross-selling opportunity increased revenue 20% in the first month and 32% over the first six months. 

Identity Theft Cases Restored and Managed

Projected New Members in 2018

Invoiced on Behalf of Customer

Ecommerce fraud increased by more than 30% in just the first six months of 2017. In fact, industry research shows that U.S. citizens lost an average of $1,000 per person due to criminal identity fraud activity. 

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