Discover how the right customer acquisition and member management partner can drive adoption, increase sales, and scale your business

 Any product carrier, brokerage, agency, or association can leverage Genius Avenue’s versatile, mobile-friendly platform, unique capabilities, and industry expertise to accelerate their business while unlocking new opportunities and establishing a better customer experience standard.

The genius is in our approach

Their Approach

Most Insurtech focuses on software or solution-based technologies that might have a transformative effect on your business… if you can implement it correctly, drive adoption, and scale it to cover your investment.

We go beyond software and solutions to create a platform for strategic sales, enrollment, and administrative success that incorporates mobile technology with real, human industry expertise.

Our Approach

Genius Avenue focuses on your customers, dedicating our entire platform to their experience and partnering with you to empower your strategy, increase enrollment, expand distribution, improve retention, and accelerate your business.

Sales Enrollment and Administration Made Easy

Great results are born from the understanding, versatility, and expertise a dedicated partnership provides. Genius Avenue has been innovating alongside our partners for over a decade. We can work with you to create the perfect solution to meet the exact needs of your group, members, or employees.

US Based Billing and Support

Our billing and customer service teams have deep benefits expertise and are US-based to support every interaction your customers have with their benefits. Our expert customer service team handles everything from billing and collections, to issuing documents and answering questions about coverage.

Flexible Member Management

You don’t need to spend your time managing members or administering policies. The Genius Avenue Enrollment and Benefit Administration platform has over 750 features and configuration options that can be customized to fit the needs of any product, group, or member population. 

Integrated Payment Processing

Our dedicated insurance payment system is built into every product and designed to give policy holders choice and control with a modern, empowering experience. Payment options include any combination of ACH, Credit Card, or PayPal and recurring payments can be customized to fit any product’s unique needs.

Simple Dashboard and Reporting

A software-only solution requires integration and a steep learning curve before you can expect to see an ROI on your member management investment. Our platform is turn-key and features simplified reporting and portals that provide everything you need to see without the noise of excess features. 

Complex Reconciliation Mastered

Our platform and approach was designed for insurance and benefits by insurance experts so support complex reconciliation, commissions, and multiple payee management is a breeze.
We truly can address the needs of any
customer base and any group of products. 

Marketing Support

We don’t succeed unless you succeed, which is why we have assembled a leading digital marketing team to help drive your enrollment and increase renewals for our partners. Our team can drive your marketing strategy, assist in consumer education, or augment current marketing initiatives.

Anything is possible with the right partner.

We enable our partners to unlock new revenue streams while improving their customer’s experience by leveraging easy, secure, and scalable mobile solutions.




You’ve worked too hard to tolerate poor enrollment and retention results.

Providing insurance, voluntary or lifestyle benefit customers with a great customer experience is no longer optional, but it does not need to be risky, expensive, or require a massive investment in staff or technology. We are your technology and your customer experience team all in one.

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Competitive employers offer competitive voluntary and lifestyle benefits.

Today’s employees want more than just medical insurance. They demand benefits that support their lifestyle, address everyday speedbumps, and provide freedom and peace of mind. Genius Avenue can work with your broker to create the perfect benefits enrollment and benefits management solution for your business. 

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Increase enrollment, reduce admin costs, and increase retention.

There is a way that any brokerage or agency can offer a great enrollment and member management experience without incurring additional costs or administration. We offer a turnkey solution to streamline your benefit administration and enhance your customer experience.

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Reduce costly member management and administration.

Spreadsheet member administration, paper processing, and bad-fit systems create costly overhead and poor customer experiences. Don’t let billing, collections, sending documents, and member service requests derail your association or distract from your core mission.

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Not only are we the face of our clients, but we are also in charge of maintaining an exceptional experience for each customer on a daily basis. Every ticket we assist in is an opportunity to leave customers with a great impression through our dedication.

Mireya Perez

Client Services Manager

Genius Avenue

Discover how Genius Avenue helped an HSA lender scale their business

An up-and-coming health tech company has an extremely innovative product. They allow employers to offer their employees access to pretax dollars used towards medical expenses before those dollars are actually accrued. The product is fantastic, and many employers and brokers agree, resulting in significant new business for the benefits provider. The problem is making this product work smoothly and effectively requires complex reconciliation, payments, and reporting behind the scenes.

Great Results take more than Software

Great results are born from the understanding, versatility, and expertise a dedicated partnership provides. Genius Avenue has been innovating alongside our partners for over a decade. We can work with you to create the perfect solution to meet the exact needs of your group, members, or employees.

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Security first Genius Avenue offers best-in-class security certifications.

SOC 1 and SOC 2

PCC DSS Compliant



Discover how the right enrollment, administration, and member management partner can unlock your potential.

We can accelerate your business, empower your growth, and create great customer experiences for your members, employees, and policy holders.