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Sales, Enrollment, and Administration Solutions to Drive Adoption, Increase Retention, and Scale Your Business.

Any product carrier, brokerage, agency, or association can leverage
Genius Avenue’s uniquely versatile, mobile-friendly platform  to accelerate and scale their business while establishing a  new customer experience standard.


Most Insurtech focuses on software or solution-based technologies, that might have a transformative effect on your business… if you can implement it correctly, drive adoption, and scale it to cover your investment.

We go beyond software and solutions to create a platform for strategic sales, enrollment, and administrative success that incorporates mobile technology with real, human industry expertise.

Genius Avenue focuses on your customers, dedicating our entire platform to their experience and partnering with you to empower your strategy, increase enrollment, expand distribution, improve retention, and accelerate your business.

Dedicated Billing Team

Our team of billing and fulfillment experts assures that every one of your customers receives the documents they need to access coverage and that every invoice is issued on time and as required.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Our platform can host your product or association’s enrollment and administration within a fully branded,
mobile-friendly, secure website backed by
industry-leading certifications
and up-time.


Dedicated Customer Support

Our customer support team treats your customers just like they were our own. Questions are answered and problems are solved by a team of customer service agents
with deep insurance and
benefits expertise.

Marketing Support

We don’t succeed unless you succeed, which is why we have assembled a leading digital marketing team to help drive your enrollment and increase renewals for our partners. Our team can drive your marketing strategy or augment current initiatives.

Integrated Payment Processing

Our platform features a dedicated insurance payment solution that gives consumers more choice and control with a modern, empowering experience. Payment options include any combination of ACH, Credit Card, Payroll
Deduct, PayPal, and Employer Contribution.

Strategic Support

Our dedication to your success doesn’t stop when your product or storefront goes live. We work with you every step of the way to create
the results you need to achieve success and help determine the best path toward
scaling your business.


Genius Avenue leverages our experience, marketing, and technological abilities to connect our partners with their customers, drive discovery, optimize the user experience, increase retention, and create continual consumer lifetime value.


You’ve Worked Too Hard to Tolerate Poor Enrollment and Retention Results.

Providing insurance, voluntary or lifestyle benefit customers with a great digital, mobile user experience is no longer optional, but it does not need to be risky, expensive, or require a massive investment in staff or technology. 

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Increase Enrollment, Expand Your Product Offering, and Increase Retention.

There is a way that any brokerage or agency can offer leading, in-demand, contemporary benefit products without incurring additional costs or administration. We offer turnkey solutions to expand your product offering and increase enrollment..

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Competitive Employers Offer Enhanced Voluntary and Lifestyle Benefits

Historically low unemployment rates mandate better benefits as part of your compensation plan. You can compete for the best and offer leading, in-demand, advanced benefit products without incurring additional costs or administration

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Not only are we the face of our clients, but we are also in charge of maintaining an exceptional experience for each customer on a daily basis. Every ticket we assist in is an opportunity to leave customers with a great impression through our dedication.

Mireya Perez

Genius Avenue Client Services Manager


Don’t settle for a platform that restrains innovation.

Enrollment & Administration

Enrollment and administration dictate how customers and members experience your brand and adopt your products. Genius Avenue offers a comprehensive set of tools to empower any company or association to craft a better experience for the people who matter most. 

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Advanced Digital Marketplace

Genius Avenue empowers our partners with marketplace storefront solutions that make connections and drive transactions. Change how customers and members experience your brand and adopt your products by crafting a better experience for the people who matter most. 

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Digital Payment Processing

GeniusPay was built by insurance experts, specifically for the insurance and benefits industry, with features designed to increase enrollment, improve retention, and guarantee a great customer experiences on any device, from any location.

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Great results are born from the understanding, versatility, and expertise a dedicated partnership provides. Genius Avenue has been innovating alongside our partners for over a decade. We can work with you to create the perfect solution to meet the exact needs of your group, members, or employees.



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Best In Class Security Certifications

Let’s Co-Create Your Custom Solution

Innovation is more than adopting a software or moving to a solution. 
We can accelerate your business, empower your innovation, and create the perfect customized platform to meet the exact needs of your product, employees, and members.


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