Automate, upgrade, and simplify

Genius Avenue helps captive insurance partners eliminate legacy systems and optimize enrollment, transactions, and business process operations.

Genius Avenue offers capabilities specifically honed for complex captive provider ecosystems. GA partners leverage our secure, proven, customizable technology – and years of consultative experience – to craft innovative, affordable solutions that simplify optimization.

Solution Stacks powered by Genius Capabilities.

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1. Configurable

Our solutions were born in the regulatory environment to support complex insurance products with unmatched configuration options and customizations.

2. Adaptable

We are API-based, so we can integrate with almost any existing ben admin, TPA, HRCM, or billing system and support intricate, secure data feeds.

3. Automated

Our automated systems reconcile premiums, manage administration, and are augmented by dedicated, US-based insurance billing experts.

4. Transparent

Detailed, customizable reporting and secure partner portals provide full transparency 24/7 on enrollment, admin, and payment activity.

5. Secure

All Genius Avenue solutions deploy the highest level security and regulatory protocols to protect you and your customer.

Download the flyer to learn more about our

Download the flyer to learn more about our

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