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"Our Genius Avenue team makes the difference 100% of the time."

– Founder Charlie Horn

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Our Culture

“Genius Avenue is the first place I have had the pleasure of working where everyone is respected for what they bring to the table. All employees can thrive in their environment because they are given the freedom to succeed and innovate. They are also rewarded for it. This type of culture is a perfect fit for those who like to take their future into their own hands while being given the tools to do so.”

Anna Quinn – Graphic Design Strategist

“I love being a part of the client services department because our team is fundamental in creating excellent customer support and services. Customer service is so important because it allows businesses to maintain client relationships and I love being the backbone for that by providing great customer support for Genius Avenue clients. I try to think about how I would want customer service to be handled if I was on the other end, and then I put that into my own work.”

Nicole Gort – Client Services Specialist for Ternian

“I got connected with Genius Avenue through my acquaintance with the company owner, who has helped my career immensely. In getting to know others at the company, it was clear that just about every employee had a similarly genuine eagerness to help one another. We live out the values of collaboration and innovation every day, which is one of my biggest motivators at work. I’ve worked with many smaller companies, and Genius Avenue is easily a favorite!”

Emily Chavez – Organizational Development

Our Values


We don’t confuse being busy with being great. Exceptional performance creates great outcomes.


We always find a better way. Iterate, err, improve, repeat, challenge the status quo. We innovate and solve real problems.


Our whole is greater than the sum of our parts. We value the team and foster energetic cooperation across all relationships. Long-term value is more important than short-term success.


We strive to get better every day. We are experts at becoming experts, learning new skills and sharing knowledge to strengthen the business, our teams and ourselves.


People and relationships come first. We are our toughest critics, biggest challengers and loudest supporters.

Have Fun!

Happiness is contagious, pursue it: make a conscious contribution to our culture, your coworkers, our customers and yourself.

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