Annnnd we’re back with more ways to help add value to your pet insurance plans. In our part one of this guide, we discussed using customer servicecentric tactics to create more value for your memberships. In this section, you will see how changing your perspective can make a difference in how your members perceive your plans. 

6. Trip & Boarding Cancellations

Have an add-on that includes trip and boarding cancellation. Not only is this a rare occurrence, but it will have a significant impact on the few members that need to use this benefit while providing others peace of mind. 

7. Cover Pre-Existing Conditions Once Symptom-Free

Reconsider covering pre-existing conditions for a slight increase in premium once a pet is asymptomatic for 12-24 months. Being symptom-free for that long means pets are unlikely to need treatment in the future. Meanwhile, your members will feel gracious for the coverage! A win/win.

8. Multi-Pet Discounts

Offer a multiple pet discount plan (10% per pet). That’s right, guarantee loyalty from pet parents without a big hit. Multiple pet discounts will ensure membership retention and encourage members to continue buying plans from you. Make sure to make them aware of the variety of pets you provide coverage for.

9. Partner with a Charity

Another way to provide value to your memberships is by helping your members feel philanthropic. Have a percentage of revenue go towards a pet charity each quarter. Create a page about the charity on your website and always provide updates about the organization in your newsletters. This type of branding makes you meaningful to your customers; it makes you more than a pet insurance company.

10. Pet Medication Savings Plan

Provide a human equivalent prescription medication savings program that is easy to access from your website. As you know, sick pets often require human equivalent prescription medication. We have a program that can help your members save up to 65% on these medications when using a local pharmacy. Savings on medications will make it easier for them to adhere to their veterinarian’s wellness plan, leading to fewer claims. A human equivalent prescription savings program will provide value to both you and your members!


We hope you found these tips helpful. To learn more about human equivalent prescription savings programs and add more value to your memberships, contact Julie today.