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Marketing Validation Questions for Discovery

  • All – What are your most prominent distribution channels?
  • If worksite/brokers – Are you able to perform DTC sales?
  • If worksite/brokers – Are you interested in increasing DTC sales?
  • If worksite/brokers – How are you communicating with your distributors?
  • If worksite/brokers – What would make enrolling distributors easier? AND
  • If worksite/brokers – What tools do distributors need to increase adoption.
  • If DTC is the goal – What are your current promotion channels?
  • If DTC is the goal – How would you rank your consumer-facing website?
  • If DTC is the goal – Are you leveraging social media?
  • If DTC is the goal – Are you doing any second chance marketing or remarketing
  • If DTC is the goal – How is your brand positioned vs. competitors?
  • If DTC is the goal – How would you summarize your primary value statement?
  • If DTC is the goal – Is mobile enrollment critical?
  • If DTC is the goal – What metrics and tracking tools are you using? ex. Google Analtyics
  • All – How effective do you think your current marketing efforts are?
  • All – If you could change one thing about your marketing or distribution what would it be?
  • All – Do you have a sense of how much each new customer costs to acquire?
  • All – How long do you retain customers?
  • All – Do you have an in-house marketing team?
  • All – How big is your marketing team? Agency or in-house.
  • What social platforms are you using? How often do you post and interact with your audience on these?
  • Do you invest in digital and print paid advertisements? Which ones and how are your measurements for success?
  • Do you use data-driven personas when creating marketing content and making strategic choices?
  • What marketing platforms do you use to engage your members?

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“No gains without pains.”

– Ben Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanack 1745