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Genius Avenue Capabilities and Functions

1. Platform Overview and Components

What is Genius Avenue's enrollment and admin platform and how does it work?

The Genius Avenue’s Sales Enrollment and Administration (S.E.A.) Advantage platform is designed to handle the bulk of the customer’s journey with any insurance or benefit product, group, or association. The platform is built from several components, including a flexible technology backbone, integrated payment processing, member administration, member engagement, group billing and more, which all come together to support your product, group, or association.

What components make up the Genius Avenue's S.E.A. Advantage platform?

The platform is composed of various elements, including a highly flexible technology backbone that was built to support some of the most complex insurance and benefits products on the market. The system includes more than 750 configuration options with a customizable enrollment portal, member portal & client administration portal.

2. Functionality and Customer Journey

How does Genius Avenue's platform support the customer journey?

The platform supports the customer journey from the Consideration phase to the Delight phase and renewal. From the moment a consumer lands on your website until they renew (and beyond), Genius Avenue’s platform handles it, allowing partners to focus on driving awareness, pushing sales, and providing quality products.

How quickly can Genius Avenue's platform be implemented?

With Genius Avenue’s deep understanding of group management and the versatility of their platform, it’s possible to be up and running in as little as 10-12 weeks.

How does Genius Avenue's platform cater to self-service needs?

Genius Avenue’s platform can create the functionality and data integrations needed to make enrollment and administration truly self-service. 

3. Customization, Scalability, and Additional Features

Who can use Genius Avenue's platform?

Any product carrier, voluntary benefit, brokerage, agency, or association can leverage Genius Avenue’s versatile, mobile-friendly platform, unique capabilities, and industry expertise to accelerate their business while unlocking new opportunities and establishing a better customer experience.

How flexible is Genius Avenue's platform in terms of customization and scalability?

Extremely flexible, Genius Avenue was born from the need of customization and ability to adapt to a constantly changing market such as Voluntary Benefits. Dynamic features, branding & downstream administration processes are all configurable.

What makes Genius Avenue's platform different from other enrollment and administration platforms?

API: This allows for integration with other systems, which can increase operational efficiency and streamline workflows.

Benefits Dashboard: A comprehensive overview of benefits data can be invaluable for administrators to monitor and manage employee benefits.

Deduction Management: This can be important for managing the payroll deductions related to employee benefits.

Commission Management: For sales-oriented businesses or insurance brokers, this feature can help manage and track commissions.

Customer Portal: This allows for self-service by the customers (or employees, in the context of benefits administration), which can increase customer satisfaction and reduce administrative workload.

In-house Client Service & Billing departments:  This allows for hands on real-time help for questions, needed administration services or group setup

White Labeling Sites & Enrollment Process

1. Platform Features and Customization

What is a white label website for voluntary benefits enrollment and administration services?

At Genius Avenue, we offer a comprehensive white label platform that is designed to facilitate and streamline voluntary benefits enrollment and administration. It’s a flexible, customizable solution that can be branded to match your company’s identity, creating a seamless and integrated experience for your employees.

How customizable is a white label benefits platform?

Our platform at Genius Avenue is highly customizable. We understand that every company has unique needs and requirements, so we’ve designed our platform to be adaptable. We can add or remove features, customize the user interface, and modify the platform to accommodate your specific benefits packages or company policies.

Can a white label platform handle different types of voluntary benefits?

Yes, our platform is flexible and can accommodate a wide range of voluntary benefits. Whether it’s health, life, or disability insurance, retirement plans, wellness programs, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.

2. Integration, Security, and Implementation

Can a white label platform integrate with our existing HR systems?

Absolutely. Our platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing HR systems. We understand the importance of streamlined data management, so we ensure our solution works in harmony with your current processes and systems.

How secure is a white label benefits platform?

Security is a top priority at Genius Avenue. Our platform uses industry-leading encryption and security measures to protect all data. We adhere to the highest industry standards and regularly update our security protocols to ensure your data remains safe and secure.  Our platforms are SOC 2, PCI & HIPPA compliant.

How long does it take to implement a white label benefits platform?

The implementation time can vary depending on your requirements. However, our team at Genius Avenue is dedicated to ensuring a smooth, efficient implementation process. We work closely with you to establish a timeline that meets your needs and ensures the platform is ready when you need it.

3. Branding, User Experience, and Support

How does the branding process work for a white label benefits enrollment platform?

Our Genius Avenue team works closely with your company to incorporate your unique brand identity into our platform. We integrate your company’s logo, color scheme, and other branding elements to ensure a cohesive, professional look and feel that resonates with your clients and future members.

How does a white label platform enhance the benefits enrollment process?

Our platform simplifies the benefits enrollment process by providing a centralized, intuitive interface for your clients and or members. It allows them to review their benefits options, make selections, and track their usage all in one place. The goal is to reduce administrative work and increase member retention while making benefits management easier for everyone, under one central location.

What kind of support is available with a white label benefits platform?

We offer comprehensive support for our platform. This includes technical assistance for any issues with the platform itself, as well as client services support to help your admins/members. Our team is always ready to assist you.

What is the cost of implementing a white label benefits platform?

The cost can vary depending on your specific needs and the level of customization required. We always aim to provide a cost-effective solution that delivers value for your company. I encourage you to contact our team to discuss your needs and obtain a detailed quote.