Genius Avenue Launches Innovative Financial Services

Oct 23, 2023

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Genius Avenue
Liam Maddock
Vice President, Marketing

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October 23, 2023


Genius Avenue Launches Innovative Financial Services

TUCSON, ARIZONA – Genius Avenue is proud to announce the launch of our new financial technology services designed to streamline digital payments and AR/AP operations for regulated enterprise companies. GA’s Payment Facilitation and Commission Automation capabilities offer innovative solutions for transaction management and commission disbursements that are crafted to unlock cost savings and efficiencies for partner companies.

Payment Facilitation:

PayFac+ is a comprehensive digital payment suite of capabilities that can support insurance and benefit providers with merchant accounts, premium reconciliation, and integrated payment systems designed to meet the needs of regulated enterprise businesses. The product features transparent, cost-effective pricing without hidden fees and incorporates a variety digital prepaid disbursement and collections capabilities.

Commission Automation:

Genius Avenue is working to streamline the commission disbursement process for brokers, agencies, and consultants. This innovative solution allows companies to easily onboard sales producers outside of primary payroll systems by capturing essential details, facilitating efficient commission payments, incentives, and financial reporting.

This service suite includes robust features such as Individual Enrollment, Broker Management, Payout Thresholds,and on-the-fly Incentive Payments. It simplifies W9’s, automating 1099 creation, while reducing administrative burden and human error. These enhancements not only save valuable time but also strengthen broker relationships, contributing to increased sales and cost savings, all while maintaining stringent data security and offering a user-friendly experience.

For further information on how Genius Avenue’s Payment Facilitation and Commission Payout Services can enhance your business operations, please contact Liam Maddock ( to schedule a consultation.

Genius Avenue is dedicated to empowering businesses, and these innovative services exemplify our commitment to that mission.

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