collaborative marketing and promotion working groups and partner programs to help
insurance and benefits partners achieve their strategic marketing goals

  • Assembled a team of digital
    marketing experts
    and experienced internet technology consultants who will
    work with partnered carriers, brokers, and group sponsors to elevate brands,
    increase awareness, and drive sales.
  • Team can provide marketing analysis,
    strategy, and tactical execution including advertising, SEO, landing pages,
    branded sales collateral, and promotional content, as well as social media
    promotion and search engine marketing to augment and extend partner’s in-house
    marketing abilities and capacities.
  • Collaborative, consultative,
    customized approach to address each companies’ specific goals, challenges, and
  • Program is enhanced by SharpSpring,
    an advanced marketing automation, statistics, and CRM technology to create dedicated,
    branded Partner Marketing Portals to encourage collaboration between
    organizations and increase marketing functionality.

Genius Avenue, the software company behind the Genius Avenue Benefit Admin. solutions, Digital Marketplace, and Genius Pay systems, has unveiled a new program designed to help partner organizations achieve their strategic marketing and growth goals.

The Genius
Avenue Partner Marketing Program
leverages a consultative, collaborative approach, as well as a world-class
marketing toolset, to create new opportunities to drive sales and enrollment.

company’s current and prospective clients, as well as incoming adopters of the Advanced
Digital Marketplace, stand to benefit significantly from this new initiative. Genius
Avenue’s marketing program provides product-specific digital marketing
strategies, branded advertising, custom content, SEO, social media marketing,
and advanced analytic tools to their insurance partners, brokers, and group sponsors.

“We have
created an industry-leading digital payment solution and a robust, dynamic
benefits and insurance marketplace,” said Genius Avenue CEO Sherry Hoskinson, “A
strong digital marketing program that can drive sales for our partners is the
next critical element of our offering.”

To reinforce
the program, Genius Avenue has partnered with SharpSpring, a digital marketing and
CRM software solution designed to enable marketing automation, lead tracking,
and data analytics. One feature of the technology is the ability to create
Portals which allow Genius Avenue partners to gather data, review progress, and
engage in collaborative marketing through a dedicated, branded marketing portal. This
system allows Genius Avenue and its partners to rapidly apply a variety of
individual marketing tactics, create campaigns, target specific demographics, and
engage prospects.

Maddock, EVP of Marketing at Genius Avenue says, “We have an opportunity to
really help our partners achieve great results while expanding their
capabilities. We’ve gathered a team with the expertise and toolset to leverage
the full digital marketing playbook, unlock new channels of promotion and
communication, and augment and enhance our partners’ current marketing efforts.”

About Genius Avenue:

Genius Avenue leverages technology, deep industry expertise,
and partner relationships to create new opportunities for insurance and
benefits manufacturers, distributors, and sponsors to increase sales, expand
distribution and improve retention. Our solutions drive digital transformation
with mobile-first, custom marketplaces, paperless administration, and the
industry’s most versatile payment platform all while meeting the security and
regulatory requirements of the insurance and benefits industry.

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