Genius Avenue and Vive Benefits partner to offer an optimized HSA, challenging the competition in employee benefits.

Genius Avenue, an established employee benefits technology company, announced a partnership with Vive Benefits, an innovator in healthtech. This partnership marks a shift in the benefits industry. Vive Benefits has created a new way of providing HSA benefits to employees, enabling users to utilize pre-tax dollars before accruing them. The service protects individuals from personal bankruptcies due to unexpected out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, offering a 0% interest credit line with a zero-risk HSA loan repayment program.

As employers move away from pricier health plans, Vive offers employees a lifeline with no risk when paired with their employer-sponsored High Deductible Health Plan. The only obstacle was finding a way to make the process scalable. Genius Avenue, known for innovative insurtech, has created an integration solution for Vive, enabling their existing offering to scale rapidly, spelling a big win for employers and employees.

“Genius Avenue’s innovative approach to scaling employer benefit and payroll integration will allow Vive to focus on our core mission—solving consumer medical debt,” said Jason Pyle, CEO of Vive Benefits.

Genius Avenue will streamline Vive Benefit’s process with S.E.A. Advantage, creating a whole new approach to HSAs.

“Vive Benefits will give employers an edge when it comes to attracting the best of the workforce,” said Charlie Horn, Founder and CEO of Genius Avenue.

This partnership will create competitive benefits packages for employers and make it easier for employees to get the healthcare they need. Vive Benefits will eliminate stress over costly and unexpected medical expenses by changing how HSAs are utilized, using approved credit card and banking solutions. Genius Avenue will take Vive Benefits to the next level by replacing the previous manual and analog elements with insurtech. Vive Benefits and Genius Avenue are revolutionizing the benefits industry together, and this is only the beginning. 


Genius Avenue can help any company streamline employer benefits and payroll integration and scale their business.

About Vive

After seeing the impact rising medical costs had on people across the country, we set out to solve the problem of medical debt. Focused on creating an employee-safe product, we developed Vive: a simple, secure and complete solution to out-of-pocket risks. Vive enhances health plans by providing a comprehensive, payroll-secured payment solution for employees. Backed by an HSA and credit program, Vive offers a soft landing for employers looking to cut healthcare costs without exposing employees to financial risks. 

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About Genius Avenue

Genius Avenue leverages technology, deep industry expertise, and partner relationships to create new opportunities for insurance and benefits manufacturers, distributors, and sponsors to increase sales, expand distribution, and improve retention. Our solutions drive digital transformation with mobile-first, custom marketplaces, paperless administration, and the industry’s most versatile payment platform, all while meeting the insurance and benefits industry’s security and regulatory requirements.